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    Products >> Inclinometer

    Self-floating Photographic Single Shot Inclinometer

    Self-floatingphotographic single shot inclinometer is used to measure the well track in petroleum drilling technology, which has capability of recording the inclination, azimuth of well and the face angle of high-side tool used for elbow on the film by means of optical imaging. Self-floating photographic single shot inclinometer consists of instrument assembly and self-floating carrier. Under the effect of buoyancy, self-floating magnetic single shot instruments can be delivered to proper position to perform measurement by turning on the pump, and it will be upraised to well top if pump had been shut down. It is unnecessary to throw Kelly bar, measure well hoisting winch and cycle the mud for adjusting prior to measuring well, and the pump can be turned on, the rotating drilling tool can be lifted and the drilling operation can be started at any time, therefore measuring process can be simplified, the well measuring period can be saved, drilling failure can be avoided effectively and speed of well measuring can be more quickly.

    Technical Parameter
    Inclination 0°~20° ± 0.2°
    Azimuth: 0°~360°  ±0.5°
    Max. Temp. 105℃  cycle temp
    OD φ31.75mm~φ48
    Down driving speed of instrument no faster than 5.5m/s
    Outlet pressure of mud pump ≤22Mpa
    Application Specific gravity of mud 1.05~1.4
    Max. Pressure hρ+P 70Mpa(≤2500m)
    100 Mpa (2500-4000m)
    40 Mpa (1000m)

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      Beijing Tengyue Technology Co., Ltd is a big high-tech integrated enterprise, which mainly on R&D inclinometer. It possesses excellent equipment and a number of specialists and technicians .Our company consistently keeps API and ISO as the standard and puts it into practice.
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