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    PDC non-coring bit

    Size available: 56mm, 60mm , 65mm, 120mm 3-7/8”, 5-7/8”, etc
    PDC full face Bits has a very good penetration rate and long life in a wide range of rock formations. The application include in mining, civil engineering and the oil and gas industries.
    Generally, it include the Three Wings, Four Wings, Five wings PDC Non-Coring Bits.
    As the design of the PDC Bits is greatly dependent on the particular application, the potential customers' special technical suggestion will help us to supply the proper PDC Bits
    Available with following sizes, others can be designed per clients' requirement:

    Diameter Connection Pin Type 3-Wings Type 4-wingsType 5-wingsType
    50mm AW Rod Y N N
    56mm AW Rod Y N N
    60mm AW Rod Y N N
    65mm AW Rod Y N N
    75mm NW Rod Y N N
    94mm NW Rod Y N N
    98mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    98.5mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    99mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    113mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    120mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    120.5mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    124mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    143mm 2 3/8” API REG Y N N
    149mm 2 3/8” API REG Y Y Y
    152mm 2 3/8” API REG Y Y Y
    168mm 2 3/8” API REG Y Y Y
    190.5mm 3-1/2” API REG Y Y Y

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      Beijing Tengyue Technology Co., Ltd is a big high-tech integrated enterprise, which mainly on R&D inclinometer. It possesses excellent equipment and a number of specialists and technicians .Our company consistently keeps API and ISO as the standard and puts it into practice.
       Our main products include electronic single shot inclinometer, electronic multishot inclinometer, photographic single shot inclinometer and MWD. We will provide users with overall solutions according to different requirement on site.
       At the same time, we are trading the relative oil and gas ......[More]
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